Collective discontent, polarization and protest

We live in turbulent times. Concerns about polarization and popular discontent are commonplace. So for many reasons, this seems a better time than ever to ask the question: what do we really know about such mass movements and societal sea-changes? Tom Postmes provides four key insights from his research over the last 7 years, which he conducted in close collaboration with various Dutch Ministries.

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Interviewing 100 Bolivian Women:

An Experience of Cross-Cultural Research

We, two Research Master students, went to Bolivia to support the project of Drs. Nina Hansen and Judith Daniels. We interviewed 100 women about the effect of trauma on female empowerment. We carried home a rich data set and stories that cannot be easily expressed in figures.

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Lessons learned on how to improve the integration of refugees in the Dutch labour market

After 2.5 years only 11% of the refugees who arrived in the Netherlands in 2014 have found a paid job. Together with The Hague Process, researchers and students from the RUG are investigating the challenges refugees face when finding a job and are developing a training to prepare Dutch employers to hire and integrate new refugees. Society and science can learn from each other.

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