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You can subscribe to the various Mindwise RSS feeds based on your interests, by using the links below in your favourite RSS reader.

Feed for all blog posts
Events feed
News feed
Experimental Psychology feed
Social Psychology feed
Clinical Psychology feed
Developmental and Educational Psychology feed
Psychometrics feed
Neuropsychology feed

You can also click on the RSS feed icon  at the bottom of the website: RSS Icon

or access the feeds for the different Mindwise authors and categories when you view them by clicking on the link in the navigation bar: RSS Category

What is RSS and how do I use it?

RSS (often called Really Simple Syndication) is a simple way to stay updated when the content of a website, such as Mindwise, changes. The ‘feeds’ distribute information in a standardised format that can be read by different readers and news aggregators. You can use an online RSS reader (such as feedly), your browser’s aggregator function (such as Firefox’s Live Bookmarks function), or a desktop client for your computer’s OS.

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