Language acquisition and well-being of young refugee students in primary education

From February 2019 onwards, Hanneke Leeuwestein will start with her PhD project (funded by the National Initiative for Education Research/Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek/NRO). The goal of this project is to study if a new lesson package for learning Dutch as a second language, aimed at young refugee students, is effective. We will also investigate how children’s […]

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How saying the first thing that “comes to mind” makes us fluent speakers

An interview with Simone Sprenger

Every quarter, we share articles published in the BCN Newsletter and we are happy today to share an interview with Dr. Simone Sprenger, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts, who studies language perception and bilingualism. The interview was conducted and written by Améie la Roi, PhD candidate in linguistics.

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“If you want them to HEAR it, you talk. If you want them to LEARN it, THEY TALK.”

The language that is used to verbalize thoughts about scientific concepts is more complex and sophisticated than the language we use in our daily conversations. Science and technology lessons provide excellent opportunities for children to be introduced to this sophisticated form of language, whereby teachers play a crucial role.

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