Some call it a lack of orientation. I call it an invitation to the playground.

“I am 30 years old, and I will finish my Ph.D in organizational psychology this summer. You can imagine that people frequently ask me about my career plans. Depending on the situation, I tell them different things. But the truth is: I have absolutely no clue!” Close to the finishing line of her PhD, Anne-Kathrin Kleine shares her view on career goals.

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How do early career researchers at BSS do 1,5 years into the pandemic?

Two years into the pandemic university staff at all levels have invested a lot of time and energy in transitioning to online teaching, supervision, and virtual work. YESS BSS surveyed early career researchers to learn more about their concerns. They suggest improvement could be made in offering support, reducing (or compensating for) teaching load, and considering career opportunities.

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COVID-19 and well-being at work: How to create control around your work, help yourself and others

The COVID-19 crisis has affected all our lives, including our work life and well-being. How can you help yourself, colleagues and friends during these times? How can you avoid making it even worse? In this post, Iustina Armasu gives some evidence-based tips about what to do, and what to avoid.

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Demonstration against corona measures in Berlin

Coronavirus measures? Alright – but respect my autonomy!

More and more people oppose the coronavirus measures, because they perceive them as threatening their autonomy. In this post, Anne-Kathrin Kleine explains how people’s sense of autonomy may be protected. The goals and stakes are clear: we want to stop the virus without running the risk of emerging from the crisis as a divided society.

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