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COVID-19 and well-being at work: How to create control around your work, help yourself and others

The COVID-19 crisis has affected all our lives, including our work life and well-being. How can you help yourself, colleagues and friends during these times? How can you avoid making it even worse? In this post, Iustina Armasu gives some evidence-based tips about what to do, and what to avoid.

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Rethinking the Self

Self-expansiveness suggests that the lines between “me” and “other” are perceived as fluid for some people. A vague concept? Maybe, but with very real consequences. Lasse Lorenz describes what self-expansiveness can do for people, their compassion for others and the world around them.

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Can time heal the wounds? Childhood trauma and adult well-being

Early traumatic experiences have an impact on later outcomes and adult life, the very thing is, the long-term consequences not always must be only negative. In this post, Solomiia explains the relevance of childhood adverse experiences, the role of Resilience on later outcomes, as well as a general overview of the study currently conducted by the group led by Dr. Bertus Jeronimus in this topic.

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