How to put scientific understanding of students in the picture?

Scientific understanding is considered increasingly important for both science performance itself and for future adults to be able to fully participate in society. An important question is how to put scientific understanding of students in the picture in such a way that students may eventually flourish in these fields.

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A fixed or a growth mindset? Why we should emphasize the context-dependent and malleable nature of students’ mindsets regarding intelligence

The importance of whether students believe in their ability to become smarter (i.e., “mindsets”) in helping students to realize their learning potential is increasingly gaining mainstream attention. But what does it mean to have a certain kind of mindset, how does it develop, and how can it be changed? I discuss a new way of thinking about the nature of mindsets that emphasizes the contextualized nature of mindsets, and that changes the way that we can answer these questions.

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From practice to theory to practice: Curious Minds in Teacher College

Researching and implementing educational interventions is a challenge. Combining his experience as a teacher educator and PhD candidate in developmental psychology, Frank Assies explains how he is able to go from practice to theory to practice in shaping a Curious Minds based intervention in Teacher College.

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