Demonstration against corona measures in Berlin

Coronavirus measures? Alright – but respect my autonomy!

More and more people oppose the coronavirus measures, because they perceive them as threatening their autonomy. In this post, Anne-Kathrin Kleine explains how people’s sense of autonomy may be protected. The goals and stakes are clear: we want to stop the virus without running the risk of emerging from the crisis as a divided society.

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Can time heal the wounds? Childhood trauma and adult well-being

Early traumatic experiences have an impact on later outcomes and adult life, the very thing is, the long-term consequences not always must be only negative. In this post, Solomiia explains the relevance of childhood adverse experiences, the role of Resilience on later outcomes, as well as a general overview of the study currently conducted by the group led by Dr. Bertus Jeronimus in this topic.

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Reflections from someone living far away from her homeland during self-quarantine

The pandemic and self-isolation can help us to reflect on relevant topics. The post reflects on the experience of a PhD student being far away from her homeland during COVID-19 outbreak, the equilibrium between solitude and interpersonal relationships, highlighting the relevance of social interactions in the development and construction of ourselves.

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