From practice to theory to practice: Curious Minds in Teacher College

Researching and implementing educational interventions is a challenge. Combining his experience as a teacher educator and PhD candidate in developmental psychology, Frank Assies explains how he is able to go from practice to theory to practice in shaping a Curious Minds based intervention in Teacher College.

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“Cool, we travel through space!”: How to elicit conceptual understanding in out-of-school activities

“Cool, we travel through space!”, “Oh look there is Saturn, that is my favorite planet!”. Guess where you are? You are enjoying a virtual journey into space in the Kapteyn Mobile Planetarium of the University of Groningen together with upper grade pupils of a primary school. It is dark inside the Mobile Planetarium, but you […]

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Duo-Interview: Perspectives on Social Coordination

People tend to coordinate their actions, feelings, and thoughts with others in social situations. But how does this work? We asked two experts of our department, Dr. Ralf Cox (Developmental Psychology) and Dr. Pontus Leander (Organizational Psychology), who examine this intriguing topic from two different perspectives.

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