Working on the Homesick Blues

Why should researchers study homesickness? Is it really a topic worth scientific investigation? After all, homesickness is part of normal life, something that probably nearly everyone experiences at least a little bit, when leaving home for longer periods. And homesickness is not a separate “official” category of mental disorder in the DSM system (American Psychiatric […]

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Becoming your own fortune teller: what hands can tell you

Who says you need fortune tellers to tell you how we will feel in the future, or how you will behave? Maybe you don’t need them: there is literature to suggest you can basically become your own fortune teller, by simply taking a closer look at your hands. Your future is not written in the stars, but in your hands.

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Complex grief can be treated

Normally, grieving is a natural process and does not require treatment by psychologists. However, when someone dies in a violent way, the grief process for the bereaved can become complex, and resilience and social support are often not enough. Unfortunately, even though effective psychological interventions are available, most bereaved are not treated on time. This also applies to relatives of the victims of MH17-crash in Ukraine last July.

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