Perspectives on clinical psychology research

Clinical psychology training centers around the scientist-practitioner model, which posits that psychologists working in mental health care (MHC) should combine clinical practice (i.e., assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of people with psychological problems) with scientific research (e.g., participating in clinical trials of new psychological therapies, conducting literature reviews). Yet MHC institutes may also employ psychologists whose primary task is setting up and executing clinical research.

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Do antidepressants work for mild to moderate anxiety?

Imagine that you are a primary care doctor. A young woman comes to see you because she worries constantly about everything, from her health to her studies to the state of the world. At night, she often lies awake for hours, worrying. Because she is having difficulty concentrating, she has failed some of her classes […]

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The repulsive body image

Detached from its original adaptive function, disgust can be experienced in response to one’s body fat and other bodily aspects. Facilitated by a prevailing objectification of female bodies in today’s society, the experience of disgust towards one’s own body may help to understand why body image disturbances are so persistent.

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