Measurement of stigmatization towards adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Adults with ADHD are at high risk to be confronted with negative attitudes and beliefs which can be described as stigmatization. In our research group at the Department of Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology, we developed a disease specific assessment tool, measuring various facets of stigmatization towards adults with ADHD.

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An Honour to Have Met You

I have completed the end of my third year in the English-language Bachelor of Psychology programme. Being in the Honours College has enriched my understanding of research in psychology in a tremendous way. Here, I can look back at a wonderful experience and look forward to more fruitful research experiences.

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What are the problems if disgust is NOT suppressed during sex?

A postscript to Peter de Jong

What are the clinical implications of a less functional interplay between sexual arousal and disgust? If sexual arousal is low, then perhaps the disgusting properties of relevant stimuli for pleasurable sex, and the hesitation to approach these stimuli, are not suppressed. This can give rise to sexual problems.

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Facebook’s Manipulations

Facebook recently revealed that it manipulated the content of the News Feeds of some of its users by changing the number of positive and negative words they were exposed to, without their knowledge or consent. Maarten Derksen weighs in on this and the ethics of informed consent.

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Win our summer reading picks!

Have you already picked your summer reading list, or are you still recovering from exam fatigue and haven’t had the chance to do so yet? If you haven’t, Mindwise has you covered. We’ve picked our favourite books to take on holiday and are giving all of them away to one lucky winner!

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The 50th anniversary of the Dutch Neuropsychological Society

The Dutch Neuropsychological Society celebrated its 50th anniversary on the first of November 2013. Renowned international researchers presented their work and gave state-of-the-art overviews of the latest findings. Several topics were discussed including the “what” and “where” pathways in vision, environmentally induced amnesia and the mystery of the frontal lobe.

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