Interview with Karel Brookhuis on the Lecturer of the Year Award

A few weeks ago, we talked with the Education Director of the Psychology Department, professor Karel Brookhuis, about the Lecturer of the Year Award, how candidates are selected at our faculty, and how he sees the future of education. You can listen to the interview in two parts at the end of this post.

The Lecturer of the Year Award is a tradition that started in 2007 at the RUG. Each year, the 9 (now 10 and soon to be 11) faculties of the University nominate their candidates who go on to compete for the honour to be named the best lecturer of the year.

Last month, the 9 nominees for 2014 competed in the Aula of the University’s Academy Building, an event that is streamed live every year, and after the dust had settled and the votes counted, professor Anton Scheurink of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences emerged as the overall winner.


Part 1 – About the Teacher of the Year Awards

Part 2 – About Education and the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

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Tassos Sarampalis on Twitter

Dr. Sarampalis is a lecturer at the Psychology department of the University of Groningen. He began his career in psychoacoustics in the UK where he worked with Deb Fantini and Chris Plack, before moving to California to work on hearing devices, first with Monita Chatterjee and then with Erv Hafter. His current research interests involve understanding the contributions of cognition in complex hearing situations and the interactions of cognition and hearing impairment. For more information, you can visit his website.

Select Publications

  • Everhardt, M. K., Sarampalis, A., Coler, M., Başkent, D., & Lowie, W. (2020). Meta-Analysis on the Identification of Linguistic and Emotional Prosody in Cochlear Implant Users and Vocoder Simulations. Ear Hear, 1. pdf

  • Pals, C., Sarampalis, A., Beynon, A., Stainsby, T., & Başkent, D. (2020). Effect of Spectral Channels on Speech Recognition, Comprehension, and Listening Effort in Cochlear-Implant Users. Trends in Hearing. pdf

  • Everhardt, M. K., Sarampalis, A., Coler, M., Başkent, D., & Lowie, W. (2019). “Perception of L2 lexical stress in words degraded by a cochlear implant simulation.” Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS). Melbourne, Australia. pdf

  • Pals, C., Sarampalis, A., van Dijk, M, Baskent, D. (2018). “Effects of Additional Low-Pass–Filtered Speech on Listening Effort for Noise-Band–Vocoded Speech in Quiet and in Noise.” Ear and Hearing, pdf

  • Baskent, D., Clarke, J., Pals, C., Benard, M.R., Bhargava, P., Saija, J., Sarampalis, A., Wagner, A., & Gaudrain, E. (2016). “Cognitive Compensation of Speech Perception With Hearing Impairment, Cochlear Implants, and Aging: How and to What Degree Can It Be Achieved?” Trends in Hearing, 20, 1-16. pdf

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