Last week, Mindwise turned 1 and we are celebrating! In the past twelve months, we’ve shared 74 posts by almost 50 different authors (many of them students), and numerous events and news items. We’ve grown from just having a few dozen readers in the first month, to more than 1,100 readers every month and a total of almost 100,000 unique pageviews! Mindwise can now be followed on Facebook and Twitter, and we’re steadily working on adding audio interviews and other podcasts on our Soundcloud page.


Choose the best post, enter to win a book!

To mark this special first anniversary, we have selected our favourite posts from 2014 and now ask you, the readers, to decide which one wins the Best Mindwise Post for 2014 Award! Of course, we couldn’t leave you without some prizes too: Three lucky voters will win a book!

So, pick your favourite article from our selection below and leave your email address if you want to win some Mindwise goodies! Voting closes on March 29th (midnight NL time). We will announce the winning post during the 2015 Heymans Symposium.


The nominees, in no particular order, are (drumroll, please…):

  1. The Voice in Control by Sarah Elbert
  2. Why Learning APA Style is Useful for Students by Yvonne Groen
  3. Facebook’s Manipulations by Maarten Derksen
  4. Using Statistics for Truly Understanding Psychological Processes by Casper Albers
  5. Mindfulness and Getting Unstuck from the Webs of Habit by Brian Ostafin
  6. Zwarte Piet: Chocolate, Gifts & Controversy by Jolien van Breen, Maja Kutlaca, Wim Meerholz, Aafke van Mourik Broekman, Julia Sasse, Felicity Turner, and Janine Weeting
  7. The Problem with Statistics by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
  8. What are the Problems if Disgust is not Suppressed during Sex? by Charmaine Borg
  9. How to Avoid Learning APA Style by Richard Morey



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Contest Rules:

  • One vote per person, maximum. Multiple votes will be disqualified.
  • Voting closes at midnight of March 29th (Netherlands local time).
  • The 2014 Mindwise Award will go to the entry (blogpost) with the most votes.
  • Three voters will be selected at random to win the book prize. They will be contacted by email.
  • The books for the voter prizes will be chosen by the Mindwise editorial board and can be picked up by the winners at the Heymans building.

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