I F***ing Love YOUNG Science Conference

A few weeks ago, Marco Egle and Timothy Sondej, graduates of the Psychology Bachelor and Research Master students in Groningen, co-organised the I F***ing Love YOUNG Science Conference in Groningen. Their aim was to showcase exciting research projects by PhD students in Groningen and connect them with students who may be considering following a career […]

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Up for a bae or Netflix & chill?

“Generation Me” is known as a self-centered generation. It affects the people of this generation but also the previous and future generations. In this blog post I will focus on how the “hook-up culture” of Generation Me may affect dating. Though in the end, only time will show us.

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Working on the Homesick Blues

Why should researchers study homesickness? Is it really a topic worth scientific investigation? After all, homesickness is part of normal life, something that probably nearly everyone experiences at least a little bit, when leaving home for longer periods. And homesickness is not a separate “official” category of mental disorder in the DSM system (American Psychiatric […]

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