Treat the patients, not just the symptoms: What we can learn from homeopathy

Homeopathy is a domain of alternative medicine that has no scientific plausibility. However, many people are convinced of its effectiveness because they are fooled by the unconscious psychological mechanisms homeopaths utilize for treatment. One of these mechanisms is the patients’ positive reaction to the empathy homeopaths show during consultations.

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How We See the Bigger (and Smaller) Picture

Second-year Psychology students participating in the University Honours College complete a Research Seminar, during which they write a popular science article about their second-year research internship. Voted as one of the best articles of this year was written by Airi Yamada. Mindwise publishes a modified version of her article. It is not uncommon to encounter terms […]

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Becoming your own fortune teller: what hands can tell you

Who says you need fortune tellers to tell you how we will feel in the future, or how you will behave? Maybe you don’t need them: there is literature to suggest you can basically become your own fortune teller, by simply taking a closer look at your hands. Your future is not written in the stars, but in your hands.

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