Social Psychologists collaborate with Dancers and Choreographers in Science Acts #05

A special cooperation between social psychologists and choreographers was the subject of last week’s Science Acts #05 in der Aa-kerk. Prof. Tom Postmes and Dr. Namkje Koudenburg presented their research on individual and group behavior, by reflecting on Greek tragedies, football supporters and online communication. Kirsten Krans (Choreographer of Random Collision) revealed how she and the researchers worked together on a combined dance performance and research experiment.  Visitors who thought they could passively listen were mistaken: in two brief workshops the audience was given an experience of group behavior.

Science Acts #05 was part of the exposition “Individual and Group” which can be visited in der Aa-kerk until the end of June.

Photo (by Hans Jellema): Researchers Tom Postmes and Aafke van Mourik Broekman providing a workshop on group behavior.

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