Chris Dijksterhuis’s work in the media


The work of Chris Dijksterhuis who just defended his thesis last week has been capturing the attention of the media recently. Understandably so, since Chris’s work is both excellent in quality and very timely for society, since traffic behaviour is being fundamentally reconsidered in light of computer-assisted and fully-automatic driving systems. Click on the links to learn more about his work (some links, but not all, are behind a paywall).


  • Breingestuurde cruise control werkt in de rijsimulator [Brain controlled cruise control in a driving simulator] (2014, May 28) – Press release, picked up by Hersenen & Cognitie and Automatiseringsgids.
  • Gedachte lezende computer [Mind reading computer] (2014, June 8) – Radio interview on ‘NOS. Met het oog op morgen’. [announcement] [listen]
  • In slaap vallen achter stuur verleden tijd (2014, June 12) – Radio and TV news item on ‘RTV Noord’. [news article] [watch on YouTube]
  • De Bruin, E. (2014, June 5). Breinlezende auto denkt met je mee [Brain reading car assists the driver]. NRC Handelsblad, p 19 [original] [NRC reader]
  • De Bruin, E. (2014, June 6). ‘Pas op, je ben heel moe’, zegt de auto. [‘Watch out, you are very tired’, your car warns]. NRC Next, p 9 [original] [NRC Q]

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