And the winner of the iPad is … Rosa Stabler!

Blopsy, Cripsy, Gropsy, or Mypsy. In November last year we asked staff and students of the Department to help come up with a catchy name for the Groningen Psychology Blog. Those who submitted a suggestion became eligible to win an iPad. Last week Rosa Stabler was one of the first to find out the name that was eventually chosen…

Rosa Stabler was one of over 150 people who submitted her idea. Currently she is a student in the English-language Bachelor of Psychology program, as well as in the Dutch-language Bachelor of Business Administration program. Marije aan het Rot from the Mindwise Editorial Board met with her for an official award ceremony. Rosa’s name was drawn from all submissions because the jury -consisting of members of the Editorial Board, the Communications Team, and several students- eventually chose a name that was different from any of the eligible entries on the list. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that all staff and students of the Psychology Department will like Mindwise… and become Mindwise!


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