Mindwise Chills: Exam Edition

For the first time in Mindwise history, we present to you: Mindwise Chills! When walking around Heymans, it becomes clear that much artistic talent and creative energy lurks amongst the otherwise overworked Psychology students. We want to give students a chance to showcase their work, revealing the multi-faceted and colourful nature of our department. Here, Psychology students can share their poetry, fashion, visual art, music and more.

In this instalment, we feature an eclectic mix of creative expression, which was made as a means to escape last block’s exam stress. Firstly, collage art by Cristian, depicting inner chaos. Secondly, a relaxing digital mixtape by Luis curated to calm your nerves when the readings on attribution theory become too heavy. Lastly, poetry by Ria, focusing on the continuity-discontinuity debate and taking ownership of your decisions

We hope this project inspires you or serves as worthy study-break material. So, grab a mug of your favourite 50 cent coffee, and chill.

Visual Art

Cristian Buruiana (Third Year Bachelor)

“This was made a while ago and as usual with my collages, it’s difficult for me to describe it, but I think the title should do: “Holding your shit together quite nicely”. I guess this goes out to all the survivors of the exam period.”


Luis Naumann (Second Year Bachelor)

“And there comes this one song that just carries you away from all the hassle […].”

“Art just takes you to another place…somewhere away from reality. Over the past month, for most of us this reality looked something like: getting up too early, arriving at the library too late, being way behind with everything, coming home too tired to fall asleep. And there comes this one song that just carries you away from all the hassle, vanishing stress and fear, letting you forget everything you just worried about. It’s these songs, I listened to the most during the first weeks of this year. These gloomy, distorted guitar and synthesizer sounds…those high and spacey vocals, leave one no choice but to set aside, to drift away, to space out.”


Ria Bhojwani (First Year Bachelor)

“The past and present often parallel each other, however, the means by which things are expressed has changed considerably.

Bedtime Stories 

A tale as old as time
told once before
told once again
Juliet hides in her room too afraid of what will be said
Romeo rips his shirt and screams for love
the same story
the same characters
Juliet sits at her desk and hopes to be recognised
Romeo smokes a cigarette and looks at his computer
the same ending
the same start
it was a fight then
it is a fight now


A tale as old as time
told once before
it will be told again
the king’s men set off on horses
they yelled freedom
the same freedom wanted then
the same freedom wanted now
this time the men set off with guns
this time the men set off in shiny carriages
the same battle
the same goal


A tale as old as time
the children run to welcome your next-door neighbour
and they would sing songs
and play board games
it’s the same story
it’s just a different time
this time the children don’t run
they merely pick up the phone for a whispered “hello”
the say they’re busy, they’re finding their way
the children now, they’re alone
it’s the same story now
and the ending is inevitable.


“I was inspired by the continuity/discontinuity debate, and thus, I decided to write this. The past and present often parallel each other, however, the means by which things are expressed has changed considerably.  We now send text messages instead of letters, the messages are informal and more colloquial, however, the message is the same. As said in the poem, “it’s the same story, it’s just a different time”


Silent Theatre

you put them on a pedestal
look to them for growth
you are the tree and they water you
you wake up, and you need to feel alive
they feed you, they clothe you
but why can’t they hear you?


You’re in the background
it’s not your movie
you are simply supporting them
you are not the protagonist
they love you nonetheless
but why can’t they say it?


Your movie is arbitrary
they’ve seen it before
there are 600 of you
you live the same journey
you write your name upon the same red and white sheet
they now know you’re here
but why can’t they see you?


You begin with anxiety
you begin with doubt
you aren’t free
you’re not me, yet you are tested the same
they know you need this
why won’t they help you?


You’re a cliché
you can’t help but be consumed by your virtues
the screen is blank
your movie is paused
why can’t they let you go?

“I believe that we forget that we come not as simple creatures, but as complex and diverse ones. We are one, yet we are many. Our being is the sum of ourselves, ourselves today, yesterday and tomorrow. We look to others to find answers only we can answer, why is that? Why don’t we look for answers within ourselves? I wrote this poem as I was trying to answer this question. I hope you find the answer too!”

On that note, we wish you good luck on your exams! Looking for more exam-related content? Check out our Instagram for secret study spots to retreat to when the UB is full.

Until next time. Stay chill.

Maxi, a BSc Psychology student of the RUG since 2018, has a firm interest in environmental psychology, social psychology, and the intersection between philosophy and psychology. As a vegan and environmentally conscious individual, she recognizes the power of nature and hopes to one day preserve it for a living.

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