Mindlinks April 2015

Every month we bring you the latest news from the world of Psychology! Here is my collection of links that I found most exciting the last month. Feel free to add your favorite news in the comment section!

  • Is it possible to distinguish a fake smile from real one? If you can, you may be more empathetic than other people. Read how this test shows differences among professions. Who is most empathetic?
  • Why does some content spread viral on the internet while other is just ignored? Read about the secrets how to make a post popular.
  • Poor air quality has many negative consequences for your health. But can you believe that it might also shrink your brain?
NOTE: Image by Arkady Amiragov

Hanna Lembcke is a third-year student in the International Psychology Bachelor programme in Groningen and takes part in the University’s Honours College. Her interests lie in clinical-, cognitive- and neuropsychology. After finishing her high school degree in Germany, she worked with people with mental disorders and her interest in psychology grew enormously as did the wish to help people in a clinical setting. She became very interested in research during her research internship in the department for cognitive psychology at the RUG. As a student editor of Mindwise, she is eager to make knowledge about psychological research accessible to a broad audience, especially students.

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