How saying the first thing that “comes to mind” makes us fluent speakers

An interview with Simone Sprenger

Every quarter, we share articles published in the BCN Newsletter and we are happy today to share an interview with Dr. Simone Sprenger, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts, who studies language perception and bilingualism. The interview was conducted and written by Améie la Roi, PhD candidate in linguistics.

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Pleasure from Food – Insights from brain responses to taste

The desire to understand the neuronal mechanisms underlying changes in food pleasantness is becoming increasingly relevant in order to maintain adequate dietary intake in young and older adults. Our research shows that emotion and cognitive mechanisms, in addition to sensation, should be taken into account to understand food pleasantness with age.

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Psychology improves learning: It’s still boring, but your test results will be higher

Exam grades can be improved by a full grade point if one learns factual knowledge using a method based on learning principles from cognitive psychology. This method, developed in the Experimental Psychology group, is now offered by Noordhoff Publishers as part of their online learning system for secondary education.

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