New and noteworthy books – February 2022

This second instalment of “new and noteworthy books” provides an overview of several interesting new psychology books and resources that have recently become available in the RUG library collection. Feedback is very welcome! You can send your comments, acquisition suggestions, or questions to Or leave a comment below. The handbook of disgust research: Modern […]

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The repulsive body image

Detached from its original adaptive function, disgust can be experienced in response to one’s body fat and other bodily aspects. Facilitated by a prevailing objectification of female bodies in today’s society, the experience of disgust towards one’s own body may help to understand why body image disturbances are so persistent.

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What are the problems if disgust is NOT suppressed during sex?

A postscript to Peter de Jong

What are the clinical implications of a less functional interplay between sexual arousal and disgust? If sexual arousal is low, then perhaps the disgusting properties of relevant stimuli for pleasurable sex, and the hesitation to approach these stimuli, are not suppressed. This can give rise to sexual problems.

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