A lot has changed since last March. Our Soundcloud page now hosts many new interviews with some of the newest staff members in the Department (and did you know you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes?). The Mindwise Instagram account highlights the many faces of the students and staff in the Psychology Department. And, of course, we’ve redesigned our webpage to bring all of these elements together!

Choose the best post, enter to win a book!

We have selected our favourite posts from 2016 and now ask you, the readers, to decide which one wins the Award for Best Mindwise Post for 2016! Of course, we wouldn’t leave you without some prizes too: Three lucky voters will win a book!

So, pick your favourite article from our selection below and leave your email address if you want to win some Mindwise goodies! Voting closes on April 3rd (midnight NL time). We will announce the winning post during the 2017 Heymans Symposium, on April 5th.

The nominees, in no particular order, are (drumroll, please…):

  1. Predicting Performance: How can we determine whether someone will be successful? by Susan Niessen
  2. To p or not to p by Don van Ravenzwaaij
  3. The female autism phenotype by Francien Kok
  4. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but he might you by Oliver Tucha
  5. Doing research and the unexpected by Reint Geuze
  6. An example of blurry boundaries by Selwyn Renard
  7. Deep learning the beautiful mind by Frank Blaauw & Ando Emerencia
  8. The development of psychopathology by Peter de Jonge
  9. From practice to theory to practice by Frank Assies


Voting Is Now Closed


Contest Rules:

  • One vote per person, maximum. Multiple votes will be disqualified.
  • Voting closes at midnight of April 3rd, 2017 (Netherlands local time).
  • The 2016 Mindwise Award will go to the entry (blogpost) with the most votes.
  • Three voters will be selected at random to win the book prize. They will be contacted by email.
  • The books for the voter prizes will be chosen by the Mindwise editorial board and can be picked up by the winners at the Heymans building.