How saying the first thing that “comes to mind” makes us fluent speakers

An interview with Simone Sprenger

Every quarter, we share articles published in the BCN Newsletter and we are happy today to share an interview with Dr. Simone Sprenger, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts, who studies language perception and bilingualism. The interview was conducted and written by Améie la Roi, PhD candidate in linguistics.

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Myths Left to Handle

The latest BCN Neswletter was out this month we are thrilled to share with you an interview by Sanne Brederoo, a PhD candidate in the Experimental Psychology Group. She spoke to Ton Groothuis and Reint Geuze, who, along with Nele Zickert, recently launched their large-scale study on handedness, for which they aim to have a sample size of 30,000!

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Network connectivity in the ageing brain: An Interview with Linda Geerligs

The latest BCN Neswletter was out last week and we are thrilled to share with you an interview with one of our very own. Linda Geerligs did her PhD in the Psychology Department with Prof. Monicque Lorist and now works at the University of Cambridge, in England, on ageing. Robin Mills talked to her about her research, past and present; the challenges of being a researcher; and her goals as an academic.

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