CPE: A combination of psychology and medicine

“Which specialization should I take within the broad discipline called Psychology?” Numerous Psychology Bachelor students struggle with this issue and are doubtful about which Master’s degree they should pursue. Student Carl-Peter Van Erpecum discusses the option of joining a research master program at the UMCG, called Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology (CPE).

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The Perfect Memory

The common criticisms from professors about broad, superficially philosophical questions apply perfectly well to the title of this piece. What is a perfect memory? We may try to divide up the question and ask what both perfection, and memory are. We may ask whether memory refers to a memory of something or that reified agglomeration […]

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Make Science Great Again

Why are alternative facts so persuasive? We fail to consider scientific evidence properly because our political opinions signify the kinds of persons we are rather than our knowledgeability. To make science great again, we need to be cooperative and curious and change how science is communicated.

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