Myths Left to Handle

The latest BCN Neswletter was out this month we are thrilled to share with you an interview by Sanne Brederoo, a PhD candidate in the Experimental Psychology Group. She spoke to Ton Groothuis and Reint Geuze, who, along with Nele Zickert, recently launched their large-scale study on handedness, for which they aim to have a sample size of 30,000!

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Measurement of stigmatization towards adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Adults with ADHD are at high risk to be confronted with negative attitudes and beliefs which can be described as stigmatization. In our research group at the Department of Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology, we developed a disease specific assessment tool, measuring various facets of stigmatization towards adults with ADHD.

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The 50th anniversary of the Dutch Neuropsychological Society

The Dutch Neuropsychological Society celebrated its 50th anniversary on the first of November 2013. Renowned international researchers presented their work and gave state-of-the-art overviews of the latest findings. Several topics were discussed including the “what” and “where” pathways in vision, environmentally induced amnesia and the mystery of the frontal lobe.

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